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Where There’s A Will, Or Not, There’s Still A Way!

Where There’s A Will, Or Not, There’s Still A Way!

Published on June 12, 2017 by Darren Leggett

Over the last couple of years, Executor Solutions have seen our reputation soar, with more solicitors and probate practitioners using us than ever before. Word of mouth from firms and individuals that have trialled our services has seen an organic growth that even the management here did not foresee!

Having proved our worth with the more ‘bread and butter’ matters, professionals dealing with contentious probate and intestate matters started coming to us for property support. We have since worked on hundreds of cases where, without our involvement, a huge amount of un-billable time would have been spent dealing with matters that, to be quite frank, did not require a legal mind to deal with.

In response to the different type of matters we have been asked to deal with, ES have had to diversify our range of services. In fact, we now say to our clients to contact us with anything they may need assistance with, regardless of how unusual or difficult the job may seem. This has even seen us taking control of the security of a property in London that belonged to a gentleman of wealth and stature, with 24hr guards ensuring the property remained secure whilst we marketed and sold the home, right up until completion of the sale.

It’s not just the professionals that are using Executor Solutions. Members of the public are contacting us directly to seek advice on matters where they are executors / administrators. With our strong links to law firms across the UK, we are perfectly positioned to ensure that the right legal teams are contacted, and introductions made. This makes ES the perfect ‘One-Stop Shop’ for everyone dealing with a property for probate.

Other areas we have recently assisted include:

  • Working with the National Grid between the hours of 6pm and 4am as a property we were selling had a suspected gas leak.
  • Finding buyers for a portfolio of 5 investment properties that were due to be repossessed, to ensure the repossession did not take place.
  • Valuing, deep cleaning, decorating and marketing a commercial property with a flat above it that had been subject of some rather negative press.

Our team love being part of the fastest growing service provider to the legal industry and take extreme pride in the work they produce. This in itself has led to the launch and growing success of Asset Management Solutions, which focuses on property sales and management for matters such as court of protection, matrimonial and Trust.

If you would like to learn more about the range of services Executor Solutions or indeed Asst Management Solutions offer, please contact us on 0808 164 6390.