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Common FAQs about our services

Absolutely not. We value every property based on the opinions of three local estate agents, the activity of similar properties online and the Land Registry data found in that postcode.  Our probate valuations are fully compliant with Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax requirements and detail all the evidence we used when making our recommendations.
The client is always in full control of the process and can choose what price to market the property at. We will provide a weekly marketing report that details all the interest that has been taken and, while we may make recommendations on any changes we feel should be made (including price, photography, condition etc) to improve the response rate, it will always be up to the client on whether our advice is acted upon.
If the property is already on the market and within a contract period that shouldn’t prevent us from stepping in. We are able to use our business relationships with local agents to break agreements in a good percentage of occasions. They help us out, we help them out!
Of course. We have preferred agents in most areas, but clients are welcome to specify which ones we use, as long as those agents will work on a multi-agency basis.
We use local agents to provide local knowledge to enhance our valuation report.
If you choose our premium service where we list the property with up to three agents, we pay their fees out of the money you pay us.
Our entire company ethos is based around providing superb customer service to all our clients. The company began four years ago and is the only independently owned assisted sale company; that is what makes us different.
Using a friend can do more harm than good; will they give an honest service to maintain the relationship? However, we can include them in the scheme if they wish.
No. Our probate property valuations are produced within one working day of receiving the last estate agent’s report and, once we start to market a property, the average time it takes us to find a buyer is half the national average.  Once a buyer has been found our sales progressors monitor every part of the chain to reduce the risk of delays.
If we are doing anything that fails to meet your expectations, then please tell us immediately and we’ll do everything we can to rectify the situation.  If you’re still not completely satisfied, ask for a copy of our Complaints Procedure.