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We NEVER Under-Value Probate Properties

We NEVER Under-Value Probate Properties

An online search for ‘selling probate property UK’ produces an overwhelming 1.72 million results, with the first few pages full of companies that either buy probate homes for cash or auction them off.  A seven-day turnaround is a recurring headline; all you need to do is put in the postcode. It would be easy to think that this is the only option available to you. 

A couple of things to consider though:

Firstly – why the rush? It will take time to get the paperwork in order to enable you to sell a probate property.  A Grant of Probate can take months to come through and legal completion can’t take place until you have that document.  Why not spend that time finding the right buyer? 

Secondly – why not choose a company that is dedicated to working with Executors to not only sell probate property, but help prepare that property for the market; taking care of the contents, giving rooms a deep clean or even a fresh coat of paint and ensuring the garden doesn’t run wild.  And everything is taken care of sensitively, thoughtfully and with the aim of achieving the very best outcomefor the beneficiaries.

So, Executor Solutions doesn’t just sell probate property cheaply?

Simple answer.  No.  Absolutely not.  Never.  What we do, is provide fair and realistic valuations based on the current housing market in your area.  We aren’t looking for a fast sale – we’re looking for a fair sale. That said, according to Rightmove statistics, the multi-agent marketing method we use usually finds a buyer in half the time a single agent would.

So how is Executor Solutions so much quicker at finding a buyer than a traditional estate agent on Rightmove?

Firstly, we get the valuation right.  We ask up to three local estate agents what they think your home is worth.  We then take a look at what similar properties in your area are on the market for and we look at recently sold houses to see what they actually sold for.  And then we carry out market research to see what the neighbours have achieved and if there are any local trends we should be aware of.  We consider the condition of the property compared to others on the market and we look at the location of the property to see if it has something special to offer.  One of our property experts takes all that information and produces an in-depth Property Valuation Report, using their considerable experience to suggest a realistic, achievable price.  

Once everyone agrees our valuation, we instruct up to three local estate agents to market the property for us.  We then manage them closely to ensure they are working in your best interests.  Three agents, competing against each other quickly brings in a choice of buyers and offers, ensuring you get the asking price you want.

On average we sell property in half the national average time.  And we achieve 100.2% of the prices we recommend.

So what makes Executor Solutions so special?

Firstly, we can take care of everything from insuring and securing the empty property and taking care of it while it’s waiting to be sold to sorting through the contents – identifying items of value and arranging their sale, repairing any neglected or run-down corners, refitting kitchens and bathrooms, clearing garages, sheds and lofts – whatever needs to be done.

But what’s really special about the way we work is that our job doesn’t end when we find your buyer.  In fact, that’s when we really come into our own.  Our dedicated teams of sales negotiators and sales progressors check every link in the chain of purchase, liaising with agents, solicitors, surveyors and finance companies to ensure that there are no hold-ups and no delays. If a problem arises, we put all our energies into resolving it quickly.  And we keep you informed every step of the way, so you’re never left wondering what’s going on. Not everyone does that.  

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