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Auction Services

Auction Services

Executor Solutions is now able to provide Executors with the option to auction a probate property.  Working with nationwide partners, auction services are a perfect addition to our already comprehensive service, which offer more options than ever before to sell property.

Often misunderstood and misrepresented by the wider property sales community, auction services used in the right circumstances can be the perfect solution. All types of properties are bought and sold at auction and often at full market price and in some cases, selling for more than anticipated on the open market.

Selling a Probate Property through Auction

So, how does it work?

  • Upon our instruction, our auction partner will market the property in the local area to generate interest in the property
  • The guide price and if applicable, reserve price, will be agreed with you and the property will be placed in a local auction within 4 – 6 weeks
  • On the day of the auction, if your property meets the agreed reserve price, once the gavel falls, the sale becomes legally binding and a 10% deposit is taken on the day from the buyer
  • The completion then takes place within 28 days unless previously specified – depending on whether the Grant of Probate is in place or not

Whatever the circumstance, with no fees to enter the property into auction and the opportunity to place a reserve on the property, it offers a no risk solution. And we manage the entire process on your behalf.

If indeed, the property fails to sell at auction, it can be entered into auction again, or you can pursue the more traditional open market route through our Standard and Premium marketing services.  Alternatively we can offer the home to our investors who are always looking for homes to buy.  And should you decide to renovate or modernise the property yourself before putting it on the market we can help with that too.

Whatever you decide, the teams at Executor Solutions are on hand to explain the options to you and make all the arrangements on your behalf so that you don’t have to.

For help and advice on how best to sell a probate property call Executor Solutions on 0808 164 6390 or contact us here.