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Executor Solutions, Helping You Break Free!

Executor Solutions, Helping You Break Free!

Published on May 15, 2017 by Darren Leggett

With all the legal work that needs doing throughout a process such as probate or court of protection, the additional executor or attorney matters, such as handling a property, can be both time-consuming and indeed stressful.

Whilst working on the concept of Executor Solutions, we spoke to solicitors and probate practitioners to try and gain a better understanding of what the ‘ideal’ solution would look like. In other words, if there was a company that provided a service to law firms which allowed the solicitor to focus on the legal part of the matter whilst the ‘said company’ takes on the property side, how would it work?

The one regular feedback we received was that the amount of time spent dealing with ‘non-legal’ matters had become extensive and, in some cases, it felt like shackles holding them back from doing what is actually the day job!

  • Property sales are usually handled by estate agents. They will ask the seller to sign a 12- or 16-week agreement (on average) and handle all offers. Which agent should you use though? Who is best place to ensure you achieve the highest price in the best possible timescale? How much time will you spend chasing for feedback / updates?
  • Any house clearance will be handled by a contractor. If the property is in the local area, you may know someone that can carry out this work. The same goes for gardeners, lock smiths, valuers of fine art / jewellery etc. This will still take multiple phone calls to organise which can be a pain, but what about those properties that are out of the area?
  • If there is a vehicle to sell, then you have to source a buyer and ensure you get the right money.
  • Vacant property insurance and the inspections can be costly and indeed time-consuming.
  • EPC’s, electrical safety reports, tree risk assessments, these all eat into your day, with you having to put your faith into the advice your being given again.

Using Executor Solutions gives you access to the ‘one stop property shop’ experts. We will:

  • Provide HMRC, Section 160 Inheritance Tax Act 1984 compliant Property Valuation Reports for £249+VAT. Much more cost effective than a RIC’s!
  • Our unique marketing techniques ensure we achieve the highest possible price for every single property we sell, usually within a timescale that’s far quicker than the local average. We will never phone you and recommend a price reduction!
  • We can handle everything from arranging quotes on vacant property insurance, right through to deep cleaning and general household / garden maintenance. This includes selling / disposing of vehicles and carrying out all safety reports.
  • We will carry out a full buyer qualification process. This includes a chain check and financial investigation of your proposed buyer.
  • Full after sale support with our sales progression team.
  • Communication on a regular (at least weekly) basis from the moment you contact the office right up to legal completion with yourself and, if you request it, your clients too.

At ES, we are also able to work directly with your clients should they be the Executor / Administrator etc. Should this be the case, we will update you throughout the whole process to ensure your finger is on the pulse.

Everything about us is centred around our customer and, as a wholly independent company, we are not tied into any other organisation. This means we are positioned to keep your costs down with service levels high.

As a client of Executor Solutions, you will also be allocated your own team, so will receive the email address and direct phone number of each member that will work on your matters. This helps to build relationships and, equally important, trust.

Ultimately, the proof will be in trialling us! So why not give us a call today and start your better, more effective, new way of working.