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What Makes Executor Solutions Different

What Makes Executor Solutions Different

As we enter a new year and a new decade it’s a great time to reflect on what makes us different and to show how, moving forward, we plan to stay that way.  

What makes us different?

Executor Solutions was created to provide a smooth, stress-free way of dealing with Probate Property after it became apparent that Executors and Solicitors spent huge amounts of time on the processes required to not only sell a home but to take care of it while it’s empty and decide how best to deal its contents.

  • The first of its kind
    We are the first business to be dedicated exclusively to handling probate property and the unique issues brought by homes left suddenly empty by the passing of the owner. We can take care of everything from picking up the post and mowing the lawns to refitting bathrooms and kitchens to increase the value of the property before it goes on the market.
  • We offer the complete service
    From securing the home on day one, to finding a buyer and seeing the sale through to completion, we are able to provide as much or as little support each client needs, with service and payment options to suit every budget.
  • Here to help
    Our sympathetic teams are experts at dealing with the recently bereaved and understand that grief can cloud judgement and lead to decisions either being made impulsively or being put off.  They patiently explain every step of the way, in terms that can be understood so that the very best outcome is reached with no doubts or regrets.
  • Proven accuracy and integrity
    Our staff are committed to the business and believe passionately in what we are here to achieve.  Our unrivalled HMRC-compliant Property Valuation Appraisals are 100% accurate so clients can complete their Estate Accounts with confidence.
  • Constantly evolving services
    We are always seeking feedback from our clients and are quick to review our offering if we feel something is missing or could be improved.  The latest development? We now offer an auction option; no fees, no costs and the option set a reserve price to ensure you get what you expect.  All our services will be quoted for before work starts keeping you in control of every penny spent.

Probate & Court of Protection Services with a Difference

Many of our services are suited to working with Court of Protection Deputies and Power of Attorneys so we have been able to expand to help deal with properties owned by those unable to take care of themselves.  While this may be a temporary or permanent situation, many of the requirements are identical – from taking care of the property while the owners are having treatment, to improving the home to allow them to live independently or to selling it to free up funds for specialist long-term care.  As with Probate, each case comes with its own unique challenges and requirements, but all need sensitive handling and tailored solutions to get the best outcome.

So now you understand what make Executor Solutions different, why not consider using us to help with your next Probate or Court of Solutions case?  To discuss your requirements and find out more on how we can help you call 0808 164 6390 or visit our website at