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Vacant Property Inspections

Vacant Property Inspections

The first requirement of any Executor, Deputy or Attorney that finds themselves legally responsible for a home left standing empty by the owner’s passing or illness, is to ensure the property is fully insured.  Unfortunately, most insurance providers insist on regular inspections – sometimes even weekly – which can prove to be an onerous and costly commitment, especially if there is no family member available to take on the responsibility.

EstateProtect, the vacant property insurance provided by Property Solutions Group has no such requirement; we appreciate that inspecting a property takes time and, if you can’t get there yourself, it takes money to pay for someone else to do it.  We see no point in making a difficult situation even worse.

That said, an empty property is always more vulnerable than an occupied one and damage, whether malicious or accidental, can become an expensive problem if not dealt with quickly. Leaky pipes, blocked gutters, wind damage to roofs or fencing, broken windows, bramble or ivy overgrowth – the list of natural issues that can quickly get out of hand is endless.  And if any criminal damage is inflicted it will need dealing with immediately.

The teams at Executor Solutions and Property Solutions Group can arrange for property inspections to take place at intervals of yourchoosing. If you’ve selected EstateProtect to cover the home, we’d recommend inspections once a month but it’s entirely up to you; if your insurer demands them to be more frequent, we can do that too.  And our inspectors won’t just do a cursory once-over to appease those requirements.  Our experienced and conscientious teams will check the home inside and out, taking note of anything they think needs attention.  They can also arrange for security alarms or CCTV to fitted, boilers to be checked, windows and doors to be repaired, gardens to be maintained – whatever is needed to keep the home safe and looked-after.  And if disaster should strike, they can be there straight away to keep any damage to a minimum.

To find out more about the property management solutions we offer or to get an empty home instantly covered by EstateProtect, call 0808 164 6390 today