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Fantastic Feedback

Fantastic Feedback

We like to shout about it when we get great feedback (who doesn’t?) but when this glowing testimonial came in, we all took a moment to bask before sharing it with the world. A paralegal at a major UK law firm, Joanne Pitchfork is one of our biggest fans and has taken advantage of pretty much all of the services we offer.

“I have worked in Probate for 21 years and I’ve tried every way of valuing and selling properties. I have had excellent relationships with local estate agents when I worked in a small private practice firm and also one good and one not so good relationship with property management companies. When Executor Solutions pitched to us, they sounded great. A real ‘does what it says on the tin’ kind of pitch which, quite frankly, is the kind of business we wanted to work with. We have been working together for what must be 3 ½ years+ and, because I was the one who ran the pilot here, the ES team got to know me and my exacting standards first!”

The valuations she’s referring to are our Property Valuation Appraisals which are fair, unbiased, realistic and – most importantly – HMRC compliant, so perfect if you’re working with probate or Court of Protection properties. We take the views of up to three local agents, the figures from Land Registry and the findings from our own extensive online research to compile detailed reports giving an accurate market value for any type of home in any part of the UK. Jo went on to say:

“They [ES] are approachable and kind and, although I have not met many of them, they feel like an extended work family. It is joked that I always want something when I contact Executor Solutions and that is generally true but, not to my surprise, they always deliver! Given the vast geographic area we cover and the varied types of properties we encounter – nothing is too much trouble – and everything always gets done. Darren P and Morgan are the ‘go to guys’ whether it’s getting an opinion of a property in an estate we are trying to get the business for or dealing with ‘Life of Grime’ type properties, nothing is too much.”

This, of course, was music to our ears! Executor Solutions’ mission is to provide outstanding and cost-effective quality of service and we are always thrilled when our teams are named as meeting the high standards we expect from them. And there was more: 

“The weekly marketing reports and updates and sales progression are great. Given the vast number of properties we have on the books at any one time, we would literally do nothing else for at least a couple of days of the week except chase estate agents for info.”

We’ve estimated that it takes us around 100 hours from start to finish to sell a probate property (including the average Extra Solutions requirements) – time that every solicitor and paralegal could spend doing so many other things – including helping more clients through the difficult processes they are having to deal with. And, because of the network of suppliers we have, we can get it all done more efficiently. Jo finishes her testimonial by adding:

“The fees are competitive for multi-agency sales and we rarely have any issues with clients or beneficiaries objecting to Executor Solutions being used in the estates we deal with, whether Private Client or IMTL appointments. Personally, I feel that ES makes my job easier and my days more enjoyable when speaking to your lovely team!”

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