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First Death Property Management

First Death Property Management

After the death of their spouse or partner, individuals may find themselves left alone in a jointly owned home that is suddenly too large, too empty, too much work or simply too painful to remain in by themselves. 

Deciding to sell – to make a fresh start, move closer to family or perhaps to move into a retirement home where help and companionship is always close at hand – presents many of the same issues that selling a probate property does; paperwork to sort through, personal possessions to be sorted and donated or given away, furniture to be downsized to suit smaller rooms.  The old home may be in need or modernisation or a little TLC, especially if the owners have been coping with long term health issues.  And time may be of the essence; staying in a house where every room brings back memories may not be helpful to the grieving process, making it impossible for the one left behind to move on.

At Executor Solutions we can help deal with all those issues, making all the arrangements on their behalf and taking care of all the details that can seem so difficult to deal with when at such a low point.  We can value the property and take it to market, liaising with all the agents, solicitors and surveyors. We can help them choose what to keep and what to dispose of or donate and can arrange for unwanted furniture to be taken away.  We can ensure the garden stays cared for and even organise any redecoration works so the property is ready to go on the market. We can help with as much or as little as required.

We’ll make sure all the work is carried out at a time and pace that suits them, to give them the time and space to mourn – whatever they need.

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