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Family Law – More to ES Than You Realised?

Family Law – More to ES Than You Realised?

Published on September 19, 2016 by Darren Leggett

Arguing spouse is not uncommon during a divorce.

Of course, there are scenarios where both parties are completely amicable and things run smoothly without incident, however, matters like this are few and far between.

One of the more ‘common’ arguments is centred around the division of money and assets, which usually includes the marital home.

With one side wanting their agent instructed, and the other side wanting theirs, plus the paranoia related to the fear of things happening without the knowledge of the person that may have moved out, things can become both stressful and indeed messy.

Around 9 months ago, Executor Solutions were approached by a law firm whom we work very closely with on the private client side of things. We were asked if we would be able to work with their family department providing the same service we had been to date, tailoring it to make the service relevant to matrimonial matters. Naturally we agreed.

We kept many of the original concepts that helped make ES so successful, including having three agents visit the marital home (and any other additional properties that may make up the assets from the marriage). This ensures both sides are able to select their agent of choice whilst we select a completely neutral agent. Our valuation report is thorough and, again, completely neutral so any disputes are resolved in many cases before they arise.

When it comes to the sale, again ES proceed with our three-agent approach. This ensures complete peace of mind for all parties, backed up with our weekly report updating the solicitors and their clients alike, everyone knows exactly what is happening throughout the whole process.

This service is now being used across the UK by the majority of the solicitors that work with our group in other capacities. In fact, we have since set up Asset Management Solutions as a focused subsidiary department to Executor Solutions to ensure focused and experienced team members are at hand to provide the right level of knowledge and support.

If you are a family lawyer and have not yet spoken to us, give the team a call on 0808 164 6390. You may be surprised at how much time we can save you.