It’s a dilemma you may have faced already.  You want or need to sell your probate properties more quickly, perhaps drafting in extra help, but you don’t want to upset the local estate agent who’s always looked after you well.

If that’s the only thing stopping you from using the service of Executor Solutions, it really doesn’t have to – we can all work quite comfortably together.

We will take on board and honour any existing relationships you may have. So if you ask us to use any or all of the agents you current use then we will happily do that. We’ll also make it clear in all dealings with your chosen estate agent that you have personally asked us to use their services.

We also appreciate that local estate agents may provide you with a stream of conveyance business and you may be scared of jeopardising reciprocal business opportunities.   The good news is that using Executor Solutions can actually help.

Simon Bennett, Group Account Director, explains how: “Instead of an individual estate agent receiving, say, every third property from you, our business model enables us to place your business with three estate agents on every occasion; giving each a bite of the cherry on every property. The better performing agents will undoubtedly get the lion’s share of future business – the only loser in this scenario is the poorest performing agent.

“When it comes to the conveyance business on your clients’ instructions, all instructions we manage on your behalf will automatically be progressed through your own conveyancing team so nothing is lost commercially.

“In fact, Executor Solutions has seen referral business flourish for many of its client solicitors’ as a direct result of using our services.”

The detail and thoroughness to be found in Executor Solutions’ Section 160 compliant Property Valuation Appraisals is being extremely well received by all, and coveted by those looking on. Each appraisal document provides three estate agents’ valuations, evidence of local ‘sold’ and ‘on market’ comparables, and evidence of estate agent performance.

So, with everything to win – and nothing to lose – why not contact Executor Solutions today for a free, no-obligation consultation?

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